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What is Combat Petanque?

"Combat petanque picks up where original petanque leaves off"

Combat Petanque is a dynamic new sport evolved from petanque. It can enjoyed by people of all ages and genders and it's best suited for variable terrains.


What is Needed:

2-6 players
1 target ball a.ka "the jack"
2 boules per person

The Objective of the Game:

The player's objective is to have at least one boule closest to the target ball at the end of one's turn. If this is not successful, the player is out of the game. The game is played on until only one player is remaining.


The Start:

One player throws the target ball on the playing field. In later rounds the opening throw is done by the winner of the previous game.

After the target ball is somewhere on the field, the players carry out the starting throws. All the players throw their boules one at a time on to the playing field as simultaneously as possible.


First Round:

The first proper round is started by the player whose boule is the closest to the target ball. This player during his/her turn throws both boules in no particular order. The objective is to have at least one boule closest to the target ball after the two boules have been thrown, otherwise the player is out from the game immediately and the two boules are collected aside.

Regardless of how the first player fared, next up is the player whose boule is the closest to the target ball and who hasn't yet thrown in this round. The next player throws both boules and the same system applies, if you're not closest, you are out. The round continues like this until everyone has thrown and in the next round (and all the coming rounds) the playing continues with the throwing order of the first round.


Here's Where You Have To Throw From:

The player stands so that the boule you're about to throw is between your toes.


The Throw:

The player picks up the boule from between his/her legs and throws the boule from this standpoint. You can jump during the throw as long as you land in the same place. A boule must travel at least 10 cm in the air during the throw.


The End?

Players throw their boules until only one player - the winner - is left in the game. Then it's time to collect the boules and have another round!

Rule Enforcement:

The players govern the game themselves. There are no external referees, even in official matches.